Traveling Tips

  1. Always keep the vehicle that is travelling behind you insight - especially at the turnoffs. Please ensure that the vehicle following you has seen where you are going to turn, before you turn off.
  2. If you must or want to stop, please ensure that the last vehicle in the tour convoy stops and waits with you. Catch-up to the tour convoy as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary delays. It is important to keep to the schedule otherwise unnecessary delays can cause the whole tour group to fall behind schedule. There are always scheduled stops during the day to accommodate everyone’s needs.
  3. Please stay with the convoy group at all times, stopping and lagging behind can cause the tour convoy to break up unnecessarily and cause frustration and annoyance for the other people in the convoy group. Travelling together maintains the good will and high spirits of all parties and maintains enjoyment for all concerned.
  4. Please ensure that you are ready to go before the intended times of departure every day. Make sure the evening before with your tour guide what time you need to be ready to leave - ensure that you and all persons travelling in your vehicle are up early enough in the morning to pack and do all they want to before leaving. Being late causes delays for all concerned and is basically rude, causing unnecessary tension within the tour group. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable trip for all our Adventurers.
  5. Maintain your position in the tour convoy at all times. Overtaking is dangerous especially when the roads are rough and have sections with potholes - when negotiating such conditions, drivers need to keep their eyes on the road and in front of them (rather than the vehicle travelling behind) so that they can follow the best route and avoid potholes as best they can.
  6. Please refrain from overtaking or driving past other vehicles on the tour convoy when they have stopped, especially at the regular stops. People disembarking from vehicles especially with children, or walking between and around vehicles, are not expecting other vehicles to drive past in such conditions. Please stop/park behind or next to (which ever is the most appropriate at each stop) the vehicle that is travelling in front of yours in the tour convoy.
  7. Please keep a safe following distance between you and other vehicles at all times, allowing drivers enough room to stop, brake and/or negotiate the road/terrain.
  8. Please use your hooter to warn pedestrians - it is the African way. Please give way to ALL pedestrians at All times.
  9. Please wear your safety belt at all times when driving. Obey all traffic rules and signs and maintain the speed limits at all times.
  10. DO NOT take photographs of any military or government installations.
  11. DO NOT take photographs at any of the border posts - please DO NOT even ask permission to do so. Rather leave all cameras, photographic equipment, digital cameras etc. in your vehicle.
  12. DO NOT make unnecessary small talk or chat with border officials - this causes unnecessary delays, and we must try and get through the border posts as quickly as possible to stay on schedule. Please co-operate with border officials.
  13. Do not change any money with anybody at the border posts unless it is at a forex or a bank. You will be robbed. Even if you are offered a better rate, please do not do it.
  14. Please keep alert when refuelling at the petrol or filling stations. Do not be distracted for anything. Lock ALL doors, keep cash in your pocket (Not in your hand), or rather find out the cost and then return to your vehicle to retrieve the right cash amount.
  15. Stay alert and look after each other.
  16. Never give your passport or any other documentation to anybody, except a police officer or a border official and please ensure that you retrieve your passport and all documentation back, before leaving.
  17. Please refrain from lifting heavy objects alone - rather ask someone to help you.
  18. Use your gloves.
  19. Do not drink untreated water.
  20. Please consult your doctor about malaria precautions before the tour dates. Please drink your malaria prophylactics. 4 000 000 people per year die of malaria in Africa.
  21. All complaints, injuries or illness must please be reported to your tour guide IMMEDIATELY, so that they may act accordingly in a timely and appropriate manner.
  22. Be as accommodating as possible. African overland travelling can be difficult and tough for anybody, and some days will be more difficult than others.
  23. Have Fun. Please don't try to be too clean, otherwise you will be cleaning, dusting and washing all the time and will have little time for fun and enjoyment and the other pleasures available on the trip. Everything can be cleaned once we return home to South Africa.
  24. Please let your guide handle all negotiations - do not offer bribes to anyone, and if you are approached please consult your tour guide immediately so that he may handle the situation. Do not offer money or goods to anybody, at any time during the tour.
  25. Your tour guide will handle all payments at the campsites. He/she will negotiate the best price for the entire tour group and then collect any money necessary from individuals or vehicle groups - and then make payment.
  26. Your tour guide will help and make arrangements for any optional or additional activities.
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